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Okay, my oldest son oughta’ be proud since he’s been buggin’ me for almost a year to get into this. The fact is that I’ve never done a blog or responded to a blog so this is strange at best. I do understand that a blog is a good way to communicate ideas without being specific about the intended recipient(s). That is a good thing and I appreciate my electronic opportunity; I will try to make good use of it.

In this atmosphere of economic recession I chose to start up an endeavor to build and sell an idea that I have worked on for years. We are selling an apparatus that we call the Smoke E Z (smoke easy) that will convert your 22.5” charcoal kettle grill into a large-capacity smoker. It is an inexpensive way for the average Joe to get into smoking various foods with an ease of use that is hard to believe. Importantly in this time of economic stress, the cuts of meat that are suggested are not expensive but they turn out great. Easy to use recipes for pork shoulder roasts, ribs, fish, chicken, and beef are included in the box with each smoker. We will add more recipes as we go along and our project evolves.

Another important aspect of the Smoke E Z effort is that it is made in America, in Indianapolis, the heartland. I like that!

I could have cleared more money quite easily by going overseas, it would have been a simple thing to do. I’m hardheaded and wanted to stay at home; and I could not be happier. The company in Indy is General Devices, Inc., and they have absolutely been Princes to work with. They actually made the machine that rolls the body of the smoker from discarded parts and pieces lying around their shop. It saved me a ton of money and they were very proud of their effort. I don’t know if I can “blog” a photo; but , if I can I’ll put it up next time. That’s probably enough for now. We’ll be back soon.


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