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Christine and Tony Gray from Landisburg, PA


This is Crazy Dog Barbeque again. We purchased two of the Smoke-EZ’s from you, and my brother in law purchased another one, and our landlord also purchased one. We recently were at a Competition in Chambersburg, Pa. and we used both of our Smoke-EZ’s for our wings (we took 2nd place out of 24 teams).

We are leaving for our first competition on May 14th in Green Lane, PA. We will only be using your smokers and we are very excited about this. There will be 49 teams at the competition, so if you have any business cards you can send our way, we would love to pass them out.

We are thrilled with the Smoke EZ’s that we have and have expressed this to many people!! We know of two new people who are just getting started in the barbeque smoking area, so we are plugging your product very heavily.

Tony & Chris
Crazy Dog Barbeque

Mark Hoffman

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the Smoke-EZ! I took it with me to the infield at Talladega this weekend and smoked a great pork butt and some chicken wings.  Everything tastes great when you smoke it on this bad boy!


Craig Ori from Atlanta

Ordered the Smoke E-Z on Wednesday, and was very suprised to find it on my doorstep on Friday! Also suprised by the hat inside the package, thank you Buddy! Anyway…we had some friends over Saturday, and I had promised them ribs, so here we go. Started the fire around 11:30 am, put on my apple wood chunks, and by noon we were up to 225 degrees. I put on my ribs, that had been rubbed the previous day, and just stood back. I was pleasantly suprised by how little I had to tend to the smoker. (I would say I messed with the bottom vent twice, and that is more than likely because I wanted to)! It held the perfect temp for 6-1/2 hours, and the ribs came out perfect. The crust was great, and the tenderness was outstanding. It is not all the time that a product exceeds expectations, but the Smoke E-Z did just that. This is a wonderful addition to any cooking outfit. I can’t wait for what I will try this weekend!

Thomas Sharp from Oakley, CA

Hi Buddy,

I absolutely love the Smoke EZ.  We use it to make Bacon candy, then cooled it down to make the chicken.  The chicken turned out great, a bit too spicy hot for the judges but I got my chicken mojo back!  I had a lot of inquiries about your product.

Here’s a photo of me saucing the chicken.

Talk with you later

Mark Redfern from Rochester, MN

Hey Buddy, I’m reporting back with a stuffed stomach and a happy wife.

Basically, the cavity was rinsed, seasoned with S&P;, and stuffed with oranges (I need to compare with a bird that had no oranges). Skin was dried, smeared with olive oil, and seasoned with S&P. Placed the turkey in smoker, breast down about 3 1/2 hrs. I tried making a broken ring of charcoal and wood as suggested.  That is a great idea, eliminating the refueling necessary with the Weber. The results were/are splendid.  Moist.  We can’t quit snacking on it.  Breast was every bit as moist as the thighs!

My neighbors were over to inspect.  If I can keep them away from my unit, I might make a sale for you, but right now, they see my smoker as a golden opportunity.  A friend is asking to use it for his salmon.

Thank you for the fine product; it worked well.

Chris and Tony Gray from Landisburg, PA

Great idea about your E-Z smoker. It has made our bbq alot easier.  Not only is it a pleasure to work with, but with the comments we have received on the looks of the smoker, it has also made us glad that we found you by accident.  We turned out a GREAT selection of bbq at our catering job today. the four food groups. Buddy, I really like the pro pak, it gives me more control the of the fire, and I’ve gotten better fuel consumption. The bigger water pan just fits into the whole smoker to keep all the great moisture and smoke flavor. I am hooked.  Great job.

Last weekend 4/9-4/10 we had our team practice competition. The weather was horrible, low of 26 friday night, plus good wind and a little rain and sleet thrown in. To our credit we hung in there.

Both smokers really did a great job. We were able to keep a great temp of 225- 250, really good I think for the conditions.  We did get some pictures, not everyting that we wanted, but I think that we did your logo in some of them, which we will get to you guys. We forgot the camera today, no shots of the great bbq & great smokers. Thanks again for the pro-pak. We will keep in touch.


Dave Russell from Naperville IL

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to drop you a note about how impressed and excited I was to use your Smoker EZ unit. I’m a member of the “U” Bacon Me Crazy BBQ team. We are somewhat beginners to the BBQ circuit, but when we recently won a 22” Weber kettle at an event in a raffle, I decided to pick up you product at Wannamakers here in Downers Grove. We travel with a large trailer/cooker and thought this would be a nice addition to our equipment. Low and behold on it’s first time out we took 1st place Ribs, 1st place sauce and 1st place overall this past weekend at Naperville’s Last Fling Rib cook off. The unit cooked perfectly and held at optimal smoking temperature for our ribs.

I would reccomend it to anyone who wants to convert their kettle to a award winning smoker!!

Mike Peeler, The BBQ Beer Buddies Competition Team from Somerdale, NJ

After reading about your product, I couldn’t wait to get it for myself. This was the best investment I have ever made. I used the Smoke E-Z at my last competition and did chicken and ribs on it. The Smoke E-Z held 250* for 6 1/2hrs. I had almost every team there come over and look at it. What a great invention. Almost every BBQer has a Weber. What an inexpensive way to turn it into a high priced smoker. Anyone looking to get into competition cooking or even looking to get a smoker absolutely should own a Smoke E-Z.

Chris Sommerville from Indianapolis, Indiana

Hello, this is not necessarily a story of my success with the Smoke EZ, but more of a story of my experience with it. My name is Chris Sommerville and until a recent promotion, I was a CNC Laser Operator at General Devices Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana. I operated the Mazak Super Turbo Laser when we were cutting your aluminum logos for the front of your Smokers. They gave me a bit of trouble, being one of the more intricate parts I’ve ever run myself on our lasers. Particularly the E’s in the logo & the smoke on the O, they had a tendency to flip up and interfere with the laser’s processing instead of falling through the cutting table. This meant they required a lot of attention when they were being run, so as to not crash the laser. I became interested in what the logos were being used for, so I had one of the members of our maintenance crew show me around. He told me a little about the Smokers and then showed me the Contraption they had fabricated to form the body of the Smokers.(pictured in BUDDY’S BLOG, in the Feb. 26th Post)
I was very impressed at seeing the ingenuity that came from my fellow employees, it made me very proud to be a part of this company. I have to thank you for helping us keep our jobs, in light of recent events things have started to look rather gloomy; so every little bit of business helps.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure taking part in the making of a fine American product.

Chris Sommerville
General Devices Inc.

Craig Maxey

I am writing to complain about your recipe’s you have printed. Last Friday with a brief respite in the weather, I tried out a few “tried and true” recipes. First I did a ham with YOUR RUB!. IT WAS A TWELVE-POUNDER THAT WAS SMOKED FOR 10 HOURS Afterwards, I pulled out the slicer for sandwich cuts. Then all of these NFC fans showed up and ate all my ham! It was not completely gone - the only thing left was the bone for the split pea soup. I also bought a eight pound pork shoulder. Marinated it over night and followed your recipe to the “T”  - pre-cooked the night before and gave it nine hours on the Smoke E-Z. Set upright, it held 225 degrees all day (it did spike for less than an hour to 250 degrees - no-worry). It was all black and extemly tender in the inside. It was beautifully tasteful bark.

It was so tender that I had to use my hands to pull it off the Smoke E-Z and fingers to pull it off the bone for perfect pulled pork. I am disappointed that after makging 15 sandwiches I only had enough left to make about 4 more. I did a North Carolina presentation with the toasted buns, Famous Daves sweet N zesty BBQ sauce and topped with a country helping of Coleslaw. It was awesome!! So if you can tell that my complaint against you recipes and your company is it’s too damn good!! Kids 12 and under were grabing seconds.

Looking forward to being “disappointed” by all of your recipes!

Jim from Wheaton, IL

After buying the Smoke-EZ conversion unit I had great success smoking pork loins, ribs, leg of lamb, Italian sausage, chicken and various vegetables, I even tried corn on the cob on the lower rack while smoking a pork loin on the top.  However my goal was to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I had a test turkey run the weekend before Thanksgiving with a 13lb fresh turkey.  I applied a turkey rub we had used in the past.  Following the warnings about allowing the turkey to remain within the “bad” temperature zone (40-140) for too long , I decided to bake the turkey for two hours at 225 and then smoked for about 7 hours to achieve the correct meat temperature.  That turkey turned out great but nothing spectacular.

So after I bought the frozen 19.8lb turkey (pre-basted Jennie-O young turkey) for the Thanksgiving feast, I read online about not using a turkey over 14lbs for smoking.  However after reading the recipes on the Smoke-EZ website I noticed that part of making a great pork shoulder is to truly pre-cook at a reasonable temperature for the meat.  Facing certain death, I completely thawed the turkey,  brushed on a layer of molasses and garlic olive oil,  used a slight variation on the basic rub on the Smoke-EZ site, stuck a beverage can half filled with triple sec and several whole cloves up the backend of the turkey, set the turkey upright (on the can), legs extended on a roasting grill in a roasting pan, covered with a piece of parchment paper (the rub eats aluminum foil sometimes), sealed with aluminum foil and let sit overnight.

The next morning I baked the turkey still covered and sealed in a 375 oven for 2 ½ hours.  Then I transferred the turkey using the grilling rack to my Smoke-EZ converted Weber grill.  The drippings from the pre-bake were used to make the gravy for the feast.

I then smoked at around 250 for only about 4 hours, basting every once in a while with olive oil.  After checking several times for correct meat temperature I removed the turkey, covered to retain heat and let rest for about 45 minutes

Needless to say the meat fell off the bones and the guest ate as much as is reasonable for a Thankgiving feast.  In addition I have never been able to remove so much turkey from a carcass so easily.  Next we boiled all of the remaining carcass for flavorable broth.

Porter from Brandon, MS

I got one of the first smokers produced, and lemme tell ya, it’s impressive. It cooks like a dream and looks fantastic sitting on my old Weber grill. I’ve never smoked anything before in my life, and following the recipes on this site, I cooked a Boston butt the other day that was just outstanding. And the cooking process was as simple as it sounds - low and slow. I prepped the meat on Saturday, started the smoking process early Sunday morning, and by the time church let out, you could pull the pork apart with a spoon.

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