The Ultimate Upgrade for your Kettle Grill

Kettle Grills are an American Backyard Staple and this Inexpensive Kit Expands the function and capacity of standard Kettle Grills so that they can be used as a wet or Dry Smoker. Available in two sizes to fit most 22.5” and 26.75” kettle grills.


SMOKE E Z Features

  1. The top grilling rack allows you to smoke or slow cook whole fish, lobsters, sausage, whole hams or any number of longer profiled food items up to 22” in length.
  2. The powder-coated exterior provides protection against rust and outdoor elements.
  3. The multi-position grill support racks allow you to prepare several layers of ribs or chickens at once.
  4. The pan for liquids provides the ability to wet smoke food items. A secondary use for the liquids pan is as a drip pan to catch the excess drippings from higher fat items such as ducks, geese, or fresh hams.
  5. The fire ring provides an ideal structure for building a low and slow fire, allowing for higher fuel capacities and longer smoking times depending on the setting of the dampers on the kettle grill. With proper settings, you can get as much as 12 hours out of one bag of charcoal.